Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I love the Christmas season. It seems like most people like to have parties during the wintertime. We have been partying with our small group, with friends in general and this week is no exception.

Today started with the Weekday School Commission breakfast, which is always fantastic. Tomorrow is our office volunteer luncheon that the staff hosts for all of our hardworking volunteers and Friday is the church office staff Christmas party at the Sillerud's. Ahhh.

This weekend I am going to be hosting at Norm and Posey McCracken's Christmas Open House. If you are in the area and what to stop by and see all the wonderful toys, decorations, ornaments, etc. come on by. I will be bored just standing around so come keep me company. It starts on Saturday night and runs for three consecutive nights. If you want details call me.

I am so full, so I am gonna take a short nap!

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