Thursday, October 21, 2004

Boys will be boys

I can't believe the feelings I am having right now. My worst nightmare just happened in real life. Tim just broke up with me. I feel like I am having withdrawl symptoms of a drug. I am shaking uncontrollably, I am shivering from being cold, yet I am sweating at the same time. I don't understand yet I do. He needs some time to grow on his own and he doesn't think it is fair to me. But at the same time, I love him and he loves me. I don't know, my head is filled with mixed emotions, I can't think straight. I just want this to all be one big mistake or a dream. I want to be with Tim, and I can't and that hurts. Basically I am just hurting right now.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


How do I feel about homosexuality? I disagree with it. But then again I can accept that other people are gay because they may not believe in God like I do. Is it ok to think that way? Or should I not think it is ok BECAUSE I believe in God. Should I not hang out or be friends with homosexuals just because they don't believe what I believe? But then what about my friends who are not christian, should I not hang with them because they don't believe what I believe? I am just not sure of my stance on homosexuals.

The other thing that bothers me are those gays that proclaim they are Christians yet live the lifestyle of being gay. I don't understand. If they are true Christians, they should know that homosexuality is a sin. So if they are gay, then they cannot be Christian. I am just confused. Are they saved or not? If anyone can answer my question, please let me know. Thanks.

You might be asking what brought this about. I was just watching MTV's Real World and there is a gay man that comes from a Christian family and says that he is a Christian.

Rain Rain Go Away

Just kidding, I don't want the rain to go. It makes me feel like I am back home. You can't say that the rain sucks. It is such a blessing and such a wonderful change from the nasty heat we have been having. We needed the change of weather whether you like it or not.

So I like the rain, but I am so sick of school. I recently got back a political science test. Thought I did pretty well but my grade showed otherwise. I got a D+. Not so good. I understand the Constitution and the political system and how it works, but I missed all of the people. It was so dumb. Oh well, nothing I can do about that now, I just have to keep working and study harder for the next test. I cannot wait to be finished with all these useless general ed classes.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

What is this stupid show?

What are you all doing this Friday? Hopefully nothing except sitting at home in front of your computer or your tv (if you have satellite). Why would you do this? Because you will see me on the show I am about to tell you.

I have working on a tv show in Washington for about a year or so, and our first episode/pilot show will be airing this Friday at 10 on JC-TV. You need to check it out and then tell JC-TV how good it was. Please please please. We really want this show to take off and I would appreciate your help. Thanks a bunch. If you have any questions about the show please feel free to call or comment.

Oh, by the way. The show is similar to David Letterman but with Christians. We are all about having fun on the show and sharing our testimony with our audience and viewers.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Mr. Clean or whatever you have under the sink

So yesterday was not my sabbath, I spent my afternoon cleaning our absolutely nasty kitchen. I spent a total of 3.5 hours scrubbing and washing dishes that had been sitting in our sink for weeks. I found my new favorite product to get rid of "dirt and grime and grease in just a minute." No it was not Mr. Clean (although I am a fan of his Magic Eraser). Bar Keepers Friend is now my new best friend. That stuff works miracles. It got rid of our nasty grease on the stove and countertops. So yeah, that was my Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Hello, are you there?

Ok I know Andrew, it has been awhile. That just shows how busy I have been. School and work are taking over my life. It sucks. I don't even know what has happened since I last posted.

But here is what is going on now.

I talked to my mom the other night for almost 2.5 hours and got caught up on the things that were going on with different family members. Lives are changing and I am not aware of them. She also told me about some stuff that happened at my old job at Coho Cafe. One of my close friends had left a crack pipe in the employee bathroom. She obviously got caught and has signed herself into a rehab. facility. The first weekend that she was there, she was sent home because she had to have her gallbladder removed. Needless to say, she is not doing so well. All I have to say is thank God she is willing to go to rehab and that she realizes she has a problem.

I am still looking for a new job if anyone has any ideas. Keep me posted.