Tuesday, October 19, 2004


How do I feel about homosexuality? I disagree with it. But then again I can accept that other people are gay because they may not believe in God like I do. Is it ok to think that way? Or should I not think it is ok BECAUSE I believe in God. Should I not hang out or be friends with homosexuals just because they don't believe what I believe? But then what about my friends who are not christian, should I not hang with them because they don't believe what I believe? I am just not sure of my stance on homosexuals.

The other thing that bothers me are those gays that proclaim they are Christians yet live the lifestyle of being gay. I don't understand. If they are true Christians, they should know that homosexuality is a sin. So if they are gay, then they cannot be Christian. I am just confused. Are they saved or not? If anyone can answer my question, please let me know. Thanks.

You might be asking what brought this about. I was just watching MTV's Real World and there is a gay man that comes from a Christian family and says that he is a Christian.

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