Sunday, October 17, 2004

What is this stupid show?

What are you all doing this Friday? Hopefully nothing except sitting at home in front of your computer or your tv (if you have satellite). Why would you do this? Because you will see me on the show I am about to tell you.

I have working on a tv show in Washington for about a year or so, and our first episode/pilot show will be airing this Friday at 10 on JC-TV. You need to check it out and then tell JC-TV how good it was. Please please please. We really want this show to take off and I would appreciate your help. Thanks a bunch. If you have any questions about the show please feel free to call or comment.

Oh, by the way. The show is similar to David Letterman but with Christians. We are all about having fun on the show and sharing our testimony with our audience and viewers.

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