Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Taste

WE SURVIVED!!! John and I spent the weekend taking care of three youngsters (the Pennington clan). It was a lot of fun to play mom and dad for a couple of days but sobering at the same time. We are totally not ready to be parents. I know that parenting doesn't mean running into a house with three kids, but still it was difficult to say the least.

On Friday night as soon as we got to their house we got the kids ready to go to a birthday party at Skateland. It was a ton of fun and made me realize how you really can't think about yourself for more than a minute or two. As soon as we got there the young girl came out in me and I just wanted to skate, but instead I had to hold the hand of Tiffany (age 2) and slowly make our way around the edge of the skating rink. She had so much and so did I. I was able to see the excitement in her eyes and then so quickly the change to fear as she nearly fell on her bum.

Let's just say that John and I are pooped. We came home this afternoon and both fell asleep on the couch watching television for awhile and then discussed our feelings on parenting and parenthood and if we were ready or not. The consensus was NO, we are not ready right now.


Amy Souza said...

What a trial by fire!
kudos to you both.

hey, the bowlings should come for dinner sometime soon. this week sometime?

Val said...

During the week is never good for both of us. John has school 3 days and Weds. are SURGE of course. Friday and Saturday nights are usually good, but this weekend we are busy. Maybe I could come over on Tue or Thur and we can talk about ministry stuff. What is your schedule like?