Monday, July 07, 2008

Rest, Relax, Recuperate

I am sitting here in my office dazed. Do you ever have those times when you are driving from point A to point B and upon reaching point B, you really don't remember how you got there? That is my morning.

John and I were housesitting this past weekend (for people that don't like to share their house with others) and today was the final day. The family was coming home around 8 a.m. so I decided to be safe, so I left around 7ish. It was horrible. I couldn't sleep all night, I woke up every hour or when the dog would move and her collar would jingle. All I needed was some good solid sleep. Our lives have been so busy as of late, and I am feeling weary. I just need to slow down and relax and sleep well for a day or two.

When will it ever get easier? Here is what I mean, everytime John leaves for a trip with the middle schoolers, my fear and anxiety skyrocket. I don't know what my problem is. I can't sleep and I have to stay up forever so I that I fall asleep without thinking or trying. I don't know, I think I am afraid of someone breaking in and killing me in my sleep while John isn't there. Maybe I have watched too many crime scene shows or cop shows. It usually gets better as the week goes on, but man, last night was horrible, the worst night of sleep ever I think.

This past week was busy with housesitting, getting ready for Karen and Dan's wedding, the actual wedding, getting John ready for his houseboating trip, buying supplies for me for next week for my trip to Rock n Water. Hopefully this week will slow down and I will get some much needed and, I feel, much deserved rest.

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