Monday, September 01, 2008

Pictures from Japan

Angel fish at the aquarium.

Puffer fish (or a relative of it).

An ugly fish, but brilliant colors and awesome blue lips.

John standing under the big tank with manna rays.

Me and the sea turtles.

Pretending to lift the Niya-Thiya cave rock that causes pregnancy.

The YYY Resort on Ie Island provides pajamas and slippers for their guests. Of course I had to model them.

One of the cool plant sculptures at the Ocean Expo Park/Churaumi Aquarium.

John at the Ie YYY Resort.

Mt. Guzuko - we hiked to the top.

Self-portrait at the top of the mountain.

A traditional Japanese toilet. I only saw these by the mountain on Ie, but I know they have them other places. Usually there is a "western" toilet at the very end.

A view from the Wajee overlook. We first drove down that road you can see.

Torii Beach lifeguard tower.

John's nasty sunburn. He chose not to heed his wife's advise to use sunscreen.

A shot of the memorial walls at Peace Memorial Park.

John and I and the shishaa dog and a dog dressed as an isa drummer.

Puffy Snow is kind of like shaved ice/ice cream. I didn't have any but it looked good.

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