Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Things To Do

Here is a list of things I need to do in the near future:
1. Make Dru Draper's wakeboarding DVD
2. Make Mitchell's wakeboarding/intertubing DVD
3. Sew some pants
4. Sew some more pants
5. Find a gift for a gift exchange with the staff
6. Print pictures of kids from Honduras
7. Mail printed pictures to Honduras
8. Save money to go to Japan
9. Go to Japan
10. Get my fingernail fixed (I broke the tip off)
11. Exercise
12. Eat healthier
13. Learn more about Fibromyalgia diet plans
14. Stop drinking soda altogether
15. Blog more regularly
16. Finish the Twilight series

There you have it...what needs to be done.

Now here is what I WANT to do:
1. Sleep
2. Eat anything and everything
3. Lay on the couch
4. Watch tv
5. Repeat numbers 1-4 over and over again

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