Tuesday, October 16, 2007


These are the two things that irritate me the most and cause me to be in the mood I am right now:

1. Migraines - I have this one for 3 days now and can't shake it. I have taken all kinds of medications and am not eating anything differently but it is affecting my whole life and especially work.

2. People - not just people in general, but people that just give up and don't ask questions. I am struggling to get some people to understand that it is ok to ask questions and that I am not really a scary person. I have a lot of general information that I am willing to share to make other's lives a little easier, if only they would ask.

These things that are irritating me are not just permeating my personal life, but also my work environment. I am in such a horrible mood right now, that I just want to go home and cry myself to sleep.

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Andrew Seely said...

3 words or possibly 4 depending
rite aid icecream (see that could be ice cream)