Sunday, March 02, 2008

I've Found Something

In response to Amy Souza's blog on "things" I have found ONE of my many things. Last night John and I sat down to watch TV and eat dinner and upon finishing dinner I was inspired. Not by the TV or anything John said, but by my boredom and laziness.

Over 4 years ago, I started embroidering squares for a quilt I was going to my make for my newborn niece. Well let's just say I wasn't that motivated so I never finished it.

So last night, I brought out my box of patterns, thread, needles, etc. and sat down and started embroidering. It was so calming and so relaxing and I was still able to watch enough TV and enjoy John's company.

It really made me feel great to have something to do even in the quiet of my own home even if I do look like an old grandma doing it.

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Amy Souza said...

how awesome!
i thinking of taking up knitting.
i could make so much cool stuff for friends/folks.
my friend heather made me an awesome scarf.
also my mo-in-law knits and she's done some rad stuff.
good val.
a thing.......