Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Where is the love??

It is right here in front of me. I haven't been so happy in a long time. Crazy times. Anyhow, sorry I have not been posting, Life has been keeping me busy and away from home. And I have to admit, when I am home, I am either preoccupied or just plain ol' lazy. You should know that by now.

So some frustrations have come up lately for me. I am frustrated with the living situation here on Devonshire. It is not the roommate (whom I love), it is just the surroundings. I am not feeling safe, we have been having problems with leaks in the windows, and the management has been kinda lazy with things and not so helpful. Here is the frustrating part: I don't think I can afford to move out of here and pay for a new place. Which leads me to my next frustration.

Frustration #2: not having money. I have never lived like a college student really until now. I have been eating peanut butter and jelly, top ramen, and tuna fish for like a week now. I am so poor and I am not working enough hours to make money. I need money, I have bills to pay and groceries to buy, but no money. Yeah I have a wonderful boyfriend who pays for me a lot, but I can't live off of him, he needs to pay bills and buy groceries too. I just hate worrying about money, and I know that I shouldn't but it is hard to do. I know that God will provide for me.

Some prayer requests:
- my grandmother is sick, she has been battling some things and the doctor's don't really know what is wrong. I just ask for strength and encouragement for her and her spirit, and for wisdome for the doctors.
- Donnie (my bro-in-law)- his grandmother died earlier this week. So just pray for comfort for the family in this time of loss.
- Myself, I have been having a lot of back pain lately. It has gotten to the point where nothing is comfortable and I am in constant pain. I think it is just a flare up of my spondyloarthropathy (a.k.a. rheumatoid arthritis), but I am not sure, the pain is excruciating. I am going to the doctor's in the morning, so we will see what he has to say.

Please keep me and my family in your prayers. Love to all who read. God Bless!!!

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