Thursday, March 31, 2005

Fear Factor here I come

So tonight was SURGE (the junior high youth group that I am an advisor for). During the month of March we do what is called "March Madness." And it is madness. We are split into four teams and we do many things to compete against the others. The teams get points for coming, bringing their Bibles, dressing up with the team theme, and many other things. They also are awarded points for what place they get in the game and crowd breaker. Which brings me to tonight.

Tonight was the last day of March Madness and we saved the grossest, nastiest things for tonight. John was talking about fear and dying (to ourselves and spiritually, not physical death). So of course we had to do something related to fear....what better than our own version of Fear Factor. For the game we took a gatorade water cooler and rigged a "contraption" from the ceiling and put glow in the dark bouncy balls in the cooler and hung it from high above. We turned off all the lights and then pulled the lid off and kids had to collect as many balls as they could. It was pretty insane with it being so dark and there were a lot of kids.

Then for the crowd breaker we had each team send up three reps and made sure they weren't allergic to any foods. We placed in front of them three plates of wonderful foods: 1-sardines 2- dried squid that was seasoned with something and also some dried anchovies 3- half a can of boiled oysters. It smelled so raunchy in that room, I thought I was going to puke. So I got up and started announcing the crowd breaker and we carried on. The kids actually did better than I thought they would. However, my team and "your mom goes to college" (one of the other teams) could not finish so Andrew and I took over. I wanted to eat something and show myself that I could. Andrew got the plate with the squid (which he liked) and the anchovies, and I got stuck with the nasty slimy oysters. You better believe I won. I swallowed those things whole, I couldn't chew them, they were absolutely disgusting. I don't know how people eat those and enjoy them. Anyhow, I started to puke in my mouth, but I had to get them all down. I did, and got third place for my team. As soon as I was done, I ran to the back and started coughing and spitting and ended up throwing up. It was lovely, I had the most wonderful smelling breath (NOT)!!!. So ya, that was my big event of the day. Hope you enjoyed it. Good night.

Oh by the way, check out Andrew's Ghetto Blog. I made a guest appearance tonight.

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