Monday, November 12, 2007


Thank you to everyone for the warm anniversary wishes. John and I had a great time this weekend.

As most of you know, we were originally supposed to take John's brother Evan and Andrew Seely to Vegas for the weekend. Evan turned 21 on Saturday and Andrew has never been to Vegas. We had it all planned and the room situation fell through. Not a big deal, but I really wanted to go, so I was bummed. And I think Andrew was too. John and Evan didn't want to spend the money in the first place, so they were ok with it. Then I had the grand idea of going to Napa Valley for the weekend. I started researching some B&Bs and found that that was almost more expensive than going to Vegas for the same amount of time. Man oh man. I was pretty pissed. I really wanted to get away for the weekend and John was absolutely no help in the planning. So I was pretty bummed when we decided to stay here, but I figured it would be alright and we could save all that money.

Our weekend turned out to be fun. Friday night consisted of going to Barney's Beanery in Pasadena for John's aunt, Stephanie's birthday. That place was cool. Then Saturday night we went out to Fatty's in Eagle Rock (a great vegetarian/vegan restaurant) for Evan's 21st. And then for our actual anniversary on Sunday, John made me a wonderful candle lit breakfast of waffles and bacon and then we went shopping at the mall to use up our Macy's gift cards from the wedding ($200). I bought a dress and John bought shoes. In my card John gave me tickets to Wicked for the night, so we headed off to the Pantages.

This deserves a side note! As we were walking in to the theater, John hits my arm and says "LOOK!" I had no idea what was going on and there were so many people that I was confused and just turned in a circle. John then informed me that Barry Bonds was there. OOOOHHH, who cares about Bonds. Anyhow, it's always exciting to see a "celebrity." Then as we were walking toward the door to go to our seats, we ran into Bob Koster. He and Sheila were there for her birthday. "It's a Small World" comes to mind. Wicked is a freaking awesome play. If you haven't seen it, you better. Very good songs and acting.

So after dinner, John and I headed to a really cool restaurant called The Stinking Rose. This place is probably the cutest restaurant I have seen in my life. It is sorta like Buca but better decorations. So that was our anniversary. It was nice to just be together for the entire day and do whatever.

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