Sunday, September 12, 2004

Ghetto land

Last night Joseph and Andrew and I were trying to find something cheap and fun to do. We decided that Sherman Oaks Castle Park was the way to go. Once we got there we felt like the "old people." It is definitely a younger crowd and a ghetto crowd. It was still fun though, especially watching Joseph swing the putter like he was trying to drive a ball down the fairway of a full size golf course. Good times boys!!

Today I was kind of sad going to church. I had invited a girl from work to come with me because she asked about the college group. I was driving down to the dorms to pick her up and she called me and said that she had changed her mind and didn't want to come. Bummer dude! Oh well church was good anyways.

Pastor Jim had an awesome talk today that really touched my heart and my life situation right now. He spoke about "passion." Who or what am I passionate about? I really think that I am spending too much time on other things and not on God. I am passionate about my belief, but I do nothing to show others that I am passionate about Christ. That saddens me to think that because my life is so busy that I have no time or don't make time to be with God. It sucks, and it's convicting. Very good sermon.

So after church today, we all went to Del Taco for Miss Angela's birthday. While we were there we ran into people wearing bright blue t-shirts from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. We thought, "they must be doing a show around here." So we asked them and it was just a few blocks up the street. So being the curious minds that we are, John and Nicole and I went up to check it out. Pretty cool process. Then John made a death wish. He wanted to go to Costco on a Sunday afternoon.

I know better than to go to Costco on any weekend day. Sundays are especially bad. The lines are long and everybody just pushes around and it is pure madness. But today was good because we got Gelato (Italian ice cream). Very yummy stuff. Now I need to go read for hours on end for homework. HELP ME!!!!!

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