Sunday, September 19, 2004

So sorry

So I have been a little busy as you can see by my lack of posts from the week. I have been actively seeking another job. I applied at Linens 'N Things and they told me they weren't hiring. Sad day. Oh well.

Wednesday afternoon Nicole and I went up to Granada Hills to watch the reveal of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. It was pretty interesting to see how much they cut out of the show and how it really works behind the scences.

Bible Study on Thursday went well I thought. Especially considering I had to interpret for awhile. I thought I did a fair job, as well as I could do. So after finishing we talked and mingled for awhile and made plans for mini-golf again on Sunday.

This weekend I was determined to do something other than just sitting around doing nothing by myself. Friday night after work, Andrew came over and cooked dinner for me, very yummy. Then we went over to Jen Spence's for a night of playing Pinochle (fun game, not only for old people). It was nice and fun, even though Kerri and I lost. Of course, I went to sleep early because I had to work at 7 on Saturday.

Work was a lot of fun. Good times at the coffee shop. David and I really got to know eachother and bonded on a different level. He is so funny. He is the most cultured boy I know. He listens to all kinds of music, hangs out with all different people, enjoys doing all sorts of things. He even made a list of activities that he wanted to do in the upcoming weekends. Pretty unique guy. So that was a good day at work. And of course after I came home and slept all day because everybody was gone to the beach house.

This morning a group of us went to Sherman Oaks Castle Park to play a game of mini-golf before church started. It was a lot of fun. Andrej and Sarah showed up, nice to see them (it has been awhile). Also, Brian M, Betsy, Lance and Andrew and I played a full 18 holes. At one point we were the only group there and after every hole, we would look back and there would be another group catching up to us. One group in particular was just a man and his wife and one son. He came charging through yelling that we were so slow and he couldn't believe how long it was taking us. We just let him pass and then ended up having to wait for them on the next hole, no biggie, we weren't in a hurry like he was. It was kind of a sad game, Andrew was having some problems with getting the ball in the hole, so he got upset. It was humorous to all of us, but definitely not to him (sorry buddy). So yeah, that has been my life. Pretty boring I know.

If anyone knows of a decent paying part-time job let me know please. Thanks.

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