Thursday, February 03, 2005

Where'd they go?

With all of the travel and flying I have done in the past few years, I have met quite a few people. Some more interesting than others, but none the less I have met them. On this last flight from Seattle Tacoma International Airport to Burbank, I met one in particular. Here is the story.

I was in line to board the plane, and being a girl I was watching and looking at other people and noticed a pretty cute younger guy behind me. Of course after that I was wondering if he was going to sit near me or not. I was pleasantly surprised when he was sitting in the row in front of me. Hmm, this could be chance to talk to him. The plane was not even close to being full. In fact, almost every person was able to have their own row, very comfy and relaxing. So he was looking around before he sat down and made it a point to look at me and make direct eye contact and smile. Cute smile. So he sat down and didn't say anything during take off. As soon as we were up in the air and the flight attendants started their beverage service, he turned and started making conversation. We talked for almost the entire flight (probably about 1.5 hours). We talked about school living in California, versus the northwest. He is from Idaho. Conversation was easy and he was very entertaining, an interesting character. Then we landed, got our luggage and headed outside. He went to the shuttle area and I stayed by baggage claim and waited for my ride. As he was getting on to the shuttle he yelled across the street to me to make sure that I had a ride before he got on his bus to get his car. Such a gentleman, but John pulled up right then.

Basically, where I am going with this is: I can't help but think about what he is doing now. Where is he, does he remember me, does he think about me? I find myself thinking about random people I meet and never see again. Do they think of me, what are they doing now, where are they? Then there are those people that you don't really like, but they never seem to forget about you, and you wish they would forget you and move on. People are interesting and I find it interesting to meet different people from different places, and the airport is good for that. Maybe that is one positive of living in two different states half the year.

Also, there are those random people that capture your attention when you meet them through friends or at parties, or where ever, that turn into great friends, and possibly a significant other, under the best circumstances. I am very interested in studying people and learning about different people from different cultures and different backgrounds than mine. Maybe I should become a sociologist instead of an interpreter. Hmm, things to think about.

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