Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The year

I know I have been a bad girl and not posted for awhile, but it has been a crazy week or so. First off, I am now back in sunny California! YAY!!! Although it is a little chilly with all the wind.

Second, I started school this past Monday. It is already overwhelming. I am starting my interpreting classes and they are not what I expected, but hopefully I will survive. I am frustrated with the Deaf Studies dept. They told me I need to take this individual skills class but they didn't tell me until school started and I had my school schedule arranged with awesome teachers. Now I have to drop my good philosophy teacher and hope that he teaches again and that they offer it over the summer. Then I am trying to add this stupid class, and I can't get a permission number because the teacher is unavailable. Teachers nowadays are not responding to phone calls or emails. They tell you the best way to contact them, but it doesn't work. I hate it. Whatever, enough ranting.

Not only did I start back to school, but that means I also started back to work at the coffee shop on campus. JOY!!! Not only am I starting all these wonderful things, but I am also starting to be an advisor for the junior high group at my church. That should be fun, I hope. At least interesting and a change of pace.

Enough for now, peace.

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