Thursday, January 27, 2005

I didn't want that anyways..

Here is a funny little story from my day today. Not really exciting, just funny.

Today was my day to take my grandma out to do some shopping. We always go to lunch. Usually drive thru or fast food of some sort, but today was different. We both had a craving for Red Robin, so off we went. We finished up our errands and arrived at RR. Neither one of us could decide what we wanted so I suggested two items, the rice bowl and the BBQ chicken wrap and we split them both. One of the other servers was bringing our food to us, when all of a sudden she walked around the corner in the kitchen and one of the rice bowls went crashing to the ground upside down, rice and veggies went flying for feet. She looked up at us (we were sitting right by the kitchen) and said, "you didn't want that did you?" I almost wanted to say no, because I didn't really, the wrap was enough. But I told her we did. So they made a fresh one and brought it to Grandma and me. Good times. Everyone was laughing and making fun of the poor girl. I felt bad for her, I know how it feels to be in a restaurant and spill or break something and everyone looks over at you. Embarrassing. So ya, that was a fun adventure today.

Today I am thankful for good eats.

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