Monday, January 10, 2005

You are right :(

Ok so I was laying around watching tv instead of Sex in the City because the season premiere of The Bachelorette was on. As I was sitting there watching these men try and hit on Jen, and try to put their best foot forward, I couldn't help but think of conversations I have had with my friend Tyler.

Tyler and I have always had differences in the shows we watch on tv. Tyler usually watches sports, whereas I watch those, plus shows such as Dr. Phil (which Tyler hates), Oprah, any kind of makeover show, Perfect Proposal, etc. I am into some of the reality shows, but I don't always follow them religiously. Whenever Tyler and I get together we always watch something (usually a movie because we can't agree with tv shows). Whenever we talk about tv, he always tell me that I watch "brain pollution."

It wasn't until today that I realized, "wow, Tyler was right, these shows are a bunch of brain pollution." I never really thought about it, but these guys on the show, just really made me think about what I was watching. How could I sit through two hours and not learn anything (except that I would never go on national television to find my possible husband)? I just didn't understand how pointless some shows really are. So Tyler, I just want to say that you were right, I do watch a lot of brain pollution. But you know, if they aren't hurting me, why should I stop watching them?

The shows that I watch are never bad shows, they just don't help me, teach me, or stimulate my brain. Maybe that is why I like them, they are just shows that take up time, and pass the time.

Do you watch brain pollution? If so, what do you watch?

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