Saturday, January 22, 2005

Why me?

Last night I was bored and had nothing to do so my wonderful mother asked if I wanted to go see a movie. I wasn't really set on it but I had nothing else to do so off we went to Galleria. All the way there we were debating about what movie to see. I stopped at Taco Time to get some food because I was starving and we finally arrived at the theatre, still with no movie in mind. We got to the window and I asked the lady what time it was, 9:43. We could see Sideways, which got really good ratings, but started in 2 minutes (not enough time to get in, get drinks and popcorn and the necessities). Or we could see Hotel Rwanda which started at 10. That was the best option.

We were sitting in the theatre chatting during the previews and then it started. Oh my gosh, my body ached after watching this amazing movie. The story was so good. Briefly, it is about a hotel manager that basically has to turn his hotel into a refugee camp of sorts. It is saddening to see what these people had to go through, the tutsi people that is. It is a very good movie that keeps you holding on till the very end (which is why I had to pee so bad after, I didn't want to leave the theatre).

So now, after this wonderfully sad movie, I naturally had to pee. So off to the restroom we went. Sorry for the graphic details, but it is really funny. As I entered the stall I noticed automatic flushers on these specific toilets. I put a liner down, and proceeded to do my duties when all of a sudden to my surprise, the toilet began to flush. As I was peeing, my urine and nasty toilet water were being splashed back up at me with great force. There was nothing I could do except continue doing what I had to do. My mom was in the stall next to me laughing hysterically, which I was too. I was laughing so loud and snorting that I began to cry. It was humerous but absolutely disgusting at the same time. I couldn't believe it. Then when I wanted the stupid toilet to flush it wouldn't. So on the back of the toilet they have a little button that you can push if it doesn't go automatically. So of course, I reached to the back, and to my surprise, the movement made the toilet flush on it's own. So again, I was sprayed with lovely water, but this time all down the front of me and in my face. There was nothing I could do except run for my life. It was lovely.

So yeah, yesterday was not a good toilet day for me. I forgot to mention that I woke up yesterday morning to my bathroom toilet leaking water all over the floor. It was all puddled and I couldn't see it, so I stepped in it and got a little wet surprise. So I had to spend my morning taking care of that, mopping up the floor and draining the tank and everything.

Don't you just love toilets? Can't live with them, can't live without them. Anyhow, so yeah.

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