Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Fit for Life

I have recently noticed some changes in my body. Not huge differences or negative ones, but I have just noticed that my muscles aren't as toned and my abs have a thicker covering over them. I have been wanting to get a gym membership for some time now, but just can't afford the monthly payments, and I want to join a gym where I know one of my friends works out at. So of course I haven't done anything about it and just put exercising on the back burner.

I went running one morning about a month ago and it felt amazing to get out and do something physical. Although the rest of the week I was sore, I felt good. Now if I could only keep that up and go running more than once a month. I don't know what my problem is, I have become so lazy since high school and it sucks, I used to be so athletic (soccer and gymnastics) and now I just lay around all the time. Probably because my mother isn't around to get on my case and tell me to go do something, whether it be running or going to the gym.

I need to workout. I think that it helps me focus and stay alert, and plus, it makes me feel better about myself. We'll see what happens.

Maybe if I find a better paying job I will be able to afford that gym membership.

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