Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Living Spaces

Oh my gosh.....I cannot believe I just did this. Nicole and I went to the apartment complex we were looking at to just drop off our applications. I was not expecting to be signing papers and planning on moving in next weekend. So ya, you heard it, we are moving into our new apartment next friday and saturday. Woohoo!!!! I felt so horrible for Anne (our new roommate) because we totally sprang this moving thing on her.

The reason we are moving so quickly is because we got a killer deal. Normal rent is $1550 a month, but if we move in within the next 10 days, our rent will drop to only $1395 a month for the duration of our lease. That is a killer deal and we couldn't pass it up. Anyhow, if any of you reading this are free next Saturday the 23rd, we could use some help moving.

God has blessed Nicole and I in so many ways lately. Thank you Lord. G'nite.

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