Monday, April 11, 2005

Good music

I am still feeling crappy and down in the dumps, but I was able to get my butt up and go to the Jars of Clay concert at Azusa on Saturday night. It was amazing.

I had never heard of the first group, "Small Boat Sinking" but they were pretty good. I wasn't too fond of the girls voice, but they were good. Check 'em out for yourself. Next was Tyrone Wells. What do I say about him? He was amazing. I love his music, he sounded so good. I was kinda ticked though because we were in the front row and there were a ton of people standing in front of us so it was hard to see. Thanks to Percy for saving all of us seats. Jars of Clay was awesome too. There were only four of them and all they had were two guitars and keys, but they sounded good that way. It was kinda of chill, really laid back but again I couldn't just sit in my chair and enjoy the music because of the people standing in front of me. That was disappointing, but we dealt with it. Good concert, all three bands were great, and I had fun. Period, end of story.

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