Friday, November 12, 2004

Friday Night Games

Andrew and I had this brilliant idea to play night games (such as capture the flag, kick the can, sardines) but nobody else wanted to play. So we ended up at the dorms at like 8:30 with Kerri, Sharon, and Brian M. trying to decide what to play. We couldn't really do much because if we had teams they would be uneven (since there were only 5 of us). We decided to call Brian Lewolt's roommate and force him to come play with us and he did. He wanted to play basketball so we did.

That was fun and all, but I didn't realize how out of shape I am. I couldn't breathe after the first few runs. I was winded and now, only a few hours after the game, my whole body aches. I can't believe it, I am the girl who used to be able to run forever during a soccer game, and now can't even run around the block. I am becoming a pathetic lazy old woman (or least that is how I feel tonight). I have decided that I need to start working out, either at the gym or at home to some wonderful tapes that I have. Maybe I should just start running again. Whatever the solution, I need to start doing something more active.

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