Saturday, November 20, 2004

You are joking right?

Last night I got a telephone call from THE Mr. Bill Sperry. He wanted to go out and shake his "tailfeather." I thought that would be a lot of fun so we were off. Only one little problem, out of all 6 of us that went (Bill, his friend from Fuller, Scott, Laura, and Miguel), I was the only one under age.

We started off waiting in line at the Avalon only to find out they are a 21+ club. No biggy, there was one just down the street. We walked the "few" blocks which ended up being like 6-8 blocks. The club was called "Floretine Gardens." Let's just say that it wasn't the most happening club in Hollywood, so the three girls and Bill took a cab ride from there to Hollywood and Highlands (Scott and Miguel walked). This just happened to be my very first cab ride ever. Very exciting. We got the club DV8, or what we thought was, and it turns out that DV8 is only on Saturday nights and on Fridays, it is 21+. Now what? That's right, we took a VAN CAB, back to Florentine Gardens. From here, it wasn't too bad except getting in, they wouldn't let me in with a tank and they wouldn't let Scott in with a white shirt, So we did a little clothes swapping and finally got in. Once in it was quite interesting, but we made the best of it. Yes, even Bill Sperry did a little pole dancing. Very good times.

It was a night of firsts for me. First cab ride, and first time getting turned away from somewhere. Oh yeah.

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