Sunday, December 26, 2004

Back to life once again

Today I had to return to work after a very fun and exciting holiday. This weekend was awesome getting to hang out with family (especially my niece and nephew). I love being able to hang out and chat and play games (such as pinochle). I am so lucky and thankful to have a wonderful like mine. It makes me sad when I hear of people whose families are broken, or not as tight knit as mine. I want everyone to be as happy as I was, and it breaks my heart to hear that some families to have the love and devotion like we do.

I am also thankful for Jesus Christ who came and died for my sins. If it were not for him, my life would not be the same. I am thankful that I found Christ at an early age and was not tempted by society. I am thankful that I can have relationships with Christians and non-Christians alike. It makes me happy when people see Christ through me, and my actions. Thanks be to God.

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