Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Do you ever feel sometimes that people only call you when they need something? Well that is how I have been feeling lately. Certain friends only call when they want something, to hang out or whatever, and then employers only call when they need you to work.

I have been an employee at this restaurant for three years now, and I am thankful that I always have a job when I get home on vacation. However, I do not like the fact that they always wait till the last minute to call me into work. This is what must go through their heads, "let's not schedule Val as much, that way we know she will not be busy and then we can always call her when something goes wrong and we need someone asap." I swear this is their logic. And it sucks, I hate it. I just keep thinking to myself, it could be worse, I could have no job at all and then I would be in trouble. So I am thankful for my managers and all, but it still sucks being called in an hour before they need you, or right when they need you.

Enough of my grumbling, I need to go get ready for work, because they just called me in to work. Peace.

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