Sunday, December 12, 2004

Travel Woes

Yesterday was yet another day spent in the airport. I think I am becoming Tom Hanks in his movie, "The Terminal." I have spent more time in the airport in the last month than I wanted. I wrote about what happened for Thanksgiving, and yesterday was fun also.

I arrived at Burbank this time, at about 1:30 in the afternoon for my flight at 2:40. Not too long to wait, I could handle it. 2:40 comes and goes and the Alaska Lady (don't know her name or what they are called) comes over the PA system and informs us that they are delaying my flight because the brakes over heated during landing, and they need to call the mechanic, should be about an hour. Well, it took the mechanic almost an hour to get to the plane and then he still had to check it out. So now it is almost 4pm and still don't know what is happening. So I keep waiting patiently. Just after 4 the lady came on again and announced that our flight would be leaving at about 5:30 after the mechanic changes the brakes out. Not a big deal, I am not in any big hurry to get home. They were allowing people to change flights to one that left at 5, but I didn't feel like dealing with it, and it was only a half hour difference. It was 5, and the lady came back and announced that unfortunately the plane could not be fixed and we were all forced to get on the plane leaving at 5. It wasn't bad, it was just another day of sitting in the airport by myself for hours on end.

The flight wasn't bad, I sat next a nice man who had recently moved to Washington from Northridge, and his daughter went to UCLA I believe. Very interesting.

I love being home, except for the freezing cold weather. And when I say freezing I mean it, last night it got down into the 20s and today when I left for church it was only about 30 degrees. It sucks, but I love being with family again. HOWEVER, I do miss all my peeps back at home in Cali. Boys, it is just not the same without you guys to hang out with, and Nicole I miss you too, and I want a pedicure. Bill, thanks for the CD, it is awesome. John, thanks for the John Mayer CD.


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