Sunday, December 19, 2004

Rain Rain go away

I don't understand why little children always want the rain to go away. Why can't you go outside and play in it? It is more fun to play in the rain than it is to play in the sun when it is really hot, or at least I think so. Today as you can probably tell, I am thankful for the rain. I love WA rain, it is not like CA rain, where it either drizzles or down pours. Here it rains and it rains hard for days. The only down side is that it is very dark. It is only 12 in the afternoon but it feels like 7. Anyhow, rain does not need to go away. Although I do hope for snow soon. I really want a white christmas.

Yesterday was an adventure and a half. My mom and dad went shopping at Costco early in the morning, and then I met them around noon. From there, my mom and I went to a few local stores to check for gifts and then headed to the dreaded Toys R Us. Oh my gosh, it was insane. That store was packed with people, but the check out lines weren't too bad. Then we headed to another Toys R Us which wasn't as crowded but the lines were long. Then my mom had the wonderful idea of going to the mall. YAY, did you catch that sarcasm? I was not thrilled about going to the mall, but I did anyways to have some quality time with mom. It was fun, not too crowded and I even got some clothes that were not for christmas which was cool. So yesterday was a long day, my mom and I were shopping yesterday for almost 11 hours. That is crazy to think about. You can imagine all the money we spent. OUCH!!!


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