Monday, December 27, 2004


Today I am thankful for differences of opinion. If everyone believed the same things, felt the same way about all issues, and had the opinion on every issue, this world would be very boring. I love being able to sit down with different people in my life, and talk about different issues. I also find interesting that I can have serious debates now that I am older and more mature. I used to get so defensive and upset when someone couldn't understand what I was trying to say, or when they told me I was wrong and didn't agree with me. But now I know better and can accept that they don't agree with me, and that is cool, that is a great thing.

I am not thankful for ignorance. I was listening to a conversation that was taking place in my living room today and I got very offended. A comment was made that a young man was "a loser." As the conversation progressed, I heard that this man was a firefighter who had moved to California and started his own life. Now I ask, how does any of that make him a "loser?" I just don't understand some people. I think that being on your own and providing for yourself as well as your community is something so amazing, and should be praised. Firefighters, paramedics, and police risk their lives everyday to save those around them including you and me when called upon. No matter what circumstances they are in, they should never be called "losers." I hate when some well-to-do person looks down on someone else because they can't provide the best for themselves, but they get by and they live happily, they are not losers. I just want to tell some people to get off their high horse and look at life from a different perspective. It is not about having the nicest, cleanest house, or the best/ newest car, or the biggest ring on your finger. What matters is how you deal with what God gives you. God will only give you what He can handle for you, and what you can handle.

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