Thursday, December 16, 2004

Whistle while you work

Today I am thankful that my parents have an extra car so that I can use it when I come home.

Today I spent most of the afternoon driving around downtown Bellevue looking for jobs. So far I have applied at the Pine Lake Club (an athletic club near my house), Toys R Us, and a small little store called Lakeshore Learning Center. All three have taken my application and said that somebody would call me.

I really hate it when managers think they are too busy to step outside their office for two minutes and talk to applicants. I think that they need to get a first impression of all applicants. Maybe that is just me, but it really helps. Oh yeah, and Tim is also talking to his boss at Sears to try and find me a job. So now I just have to sit and wait to hear back from people. My next few days are probably going to be spent sitting around and waiting, or calling managers back that I gave apps to.

And all my friends come home this weekend. YAY!!! Peace.

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